Our Mission

The Universal Ultrasound Management (UUM) mission is to provide your facility with the highest quality, most thorough and universal ultrasound services and capabilities in the nation. UUM will handle all facets of ultrasound management, including:

  • Sourcing and integrating ultrasound sonography

  • Hiring and training technicians

  • Acquiring accreditation for your facility and members

  • Training and maintenance of quality standards in accordance with national standards

  • Setup services in the modalities of echocardiography, vascular testing, and vein center

Our setup services are designed to streamline your facility in four varying facets. The administrative facet prepares your administrative staff for efficiently managing a high-volume practice. These services include:

  • Provision of administrative policies, scheduling guidelines, patient questionnaires, patient instruction forms, patient consent forms, patient satisfaction surveys, and medical supply forms.

  • The billing facet prepares your billing staff to obtain proper reimbursement regarding studies and procedures performed in your facility. These services include provision of precertification/preauthorization.

Universal Ultrasound Management provides your facility with the confidence it is receiving the highest level of quality and good patient outcome as an industry leader in the following ways:

  • Our instructors are experienced instructors and nationally respected

  • Utilization of live, clinical patients with varying pathologies to provide an interactive training experience and accurately simulate the clinical environment.

  • Personalized attention and support from our experienced insturctors during every phase of the training program, from registration to the conclusory material.

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