Marketing Services

Universal Ultrasound Management can help you promote your new or existing ultrasound facility and capabilities. 

By reaching those in need of cardiovascular services, vein management and care, and ultrasound application, we devise marketing programs that reach, educate and offer a call to action that motivates patients to find best outcomes through your facility.

We work through a 5-Gate process:

  1. We interview and collect information about your facility, understand your facility’s capabilities and benefits to the local patient groups;

  2. We research the local patient groups and identify those most closely in need of your facility’s services;

  3. We develop marketing programs utilizing online and offline methods for communicating to these very laser-focused target groups;

  4. With your guidance and approval, we generate a call-to-action to visit your facility;

  5. We manage the analysis of back-end success rates and hone the programs to increase visits.